Monday, 18 March 2019

Artline Monday - Mothers Day gift

Here is a quick reminder that it is Mothers Day on the last Sunday of the month and if you are short on ideas for what to get your lovely mum then how about making her a gift?

My youngest daughter and I have been making a present for my mum over the weekend, it is the perfect craft for little hands and there wasn't too much mess afterwards which is always a bonus in my book!


For this craft you will need:

  • A glass candle jar 
  • A clean sponge
  • Some Artline poster markers
  • A small candle or tealight to go inside the jar

I brought this candle jar and holder as a set from Home Bargains, I thought it was sweet but needed some colour to make it a little more fun.  You can either buy something similar or just use a plain glass jar.

Once you have got your candle jar the first thing you need to do is select which colours you would like to use to decorate it, we chose red, pink, yellow, blue and white.

Adding our colours to the sponge

Use your poster markers to add sections of colour to the sponge, we did stripes but you can fill it in however you like.

Use the sponge to add colour to the jar

Then press the sponge onto the glass adding the colour onto the jar.

Our colourful jar

Cover the whole jar with the paint on the sponge.  Leave it to dry for about 20 minutes and then if you are happy with it put it to one side, if you want to add more colour/s then just put extra paint on the sponge and layer the colours on the jar.

My mum loves pink too

We decided to add some pink to the metal holder too, the poster markers work on lots of different types of surfaces so they are great for all kinds of craft and art projects.

Colour coordinated jar and holder

The candle jar looks more interesting in the daylight now it is not just plain glass but it looks really great in the evening when the candle is lit and it shows off the colours and patterns we created with the sponge.  I think my mum is going to really like it!

With the candle lit

Last year we made personalised mugs for Mothers Day, you can check that post out here and the whole of March is National Craft Month so if you're looking for things to do you can find lots of arts and crafts posts here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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