Monday, 11 March 2019

Artline Monday - Plant a flower day

Have you heard of Plant a flower day?  It is a great way to celebrate the upcoming spring and encourage people to try their hand at gardening.  It falls on the 12th of March each year and I thought it would be nice to get involved and test out my green thumbs!

Getting ready to plant some flowers

Before I started messing around with potting soil and seeds I wanted to decorate the terracotta pot I was going to use.  I knew it would take a while for my seeds to grow into a plant and flower so I wanted to add some colour to it for me to enjoy while I waited.

I tested out lots of different Artline pens on the bottom of the pot so I could see which ones stood out the best against the terracotta colour and decided to use my metallic poster markers as they went on smoothly and looked great.

Painting the top of the pot

I started out with the metallic blue colour and painted the top part of the pot...

Painting the edge of the pot

...and went around the edge of it too.

Adding more colour

Next I taped off sections of the pot with some skinny washi tape and filled them in with my silver, pink and blue poster markers.

Creating a pattern

The colours I chose kind of remind me of those Easter eggs you can get with pastel foil wrappers on them so they feel very spring like to me!

Finishing the design

The poster markers dried very quickly on the pot so it was easy to paint the whole way around it without worrying about smudges or ruining the sections I had already done.  Once I'd finished painting it I removed the strips of washi tape to reveal nice clean edges and stripes of terracotta to make my pattern.

Preparing my lolly stick

I thought I would colour coordinate my lolly stick with the pot so I painted it metallic blue as well and then wrote the name of the flowers on it with my trusty Garden marker.

Planting the seeds 

Once the pot was finished I filled it up with soil and planted some seeds, I really hope they grow!

My pretty pastel pot

While I'm waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing I've added a little pastel purple cactus garden ornament to the pot and one of my ladybird painted rocks just to make it look a bit more interesting.

A little ladybird is guarding my seeds

Last summer I decorated some outdoor garden pots and planters using Artline poster markers and they still look great now (even after being outside all over winter!) so if I need to move this pot outside once the seeds have sprouted I know it can withstand all kinds of weather!   

Will you be planting any flowers tomorrow?  Fingers crossed for a warm, sunny day!  

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