Monday, 2 July 2018

Artline Monday - Jazzing up plant pots and planters

During all the lovely weather we have been having recently I spent a lot of time outside sprucing up my garden.  I brought some new planters and pots and thought I would jazz them up a little with my Artline poster markers and pens.

My pot, planters and pens

The poster markers are great to use on plastic and metal surfaces and they will stay in place unless you wipe them off with a wet cloth.  This means if you make a mistake or don't like how your design looks you can wipe it off and start again.

For my first planter I used these two poster markers in pink and metallic silver.

Pink and silver

I used some washi tape to mark out a stripe around the top of the pot...

Marking out with tape

... and then painted it with a bright pink poster marker.

Painting the planter

The paint dried very quickly and then I slowly removed the washi tape.  Afterwards I used the silver poster marker to define the edges of the pink and mint sections by drawing along them freehand.

Removing the washi tape

Here is the finished piece!  I think the bright pink looks great paired with the pastel mint and silver.

Pink, silver and mint planter

For the yellow pot I wanted to add some flowers as decoration and I used all the poster markers below. 

Pens used

The 12mm size poster markers have a rectangle shaped nib so I used these pens to make the petals by dabbing them gently as if they were one of my stamps.  I drew in the centres of the flowers with the 6mm pens.... 

Making the petals

... and added some spots around the flowers for an extra touch.

Adding some spots

This is how it turned out.  Please ignore how sad the plant looks, it has had too much sun!

Pretty flower pot

On my last planter I decided to keep the original pastel look so I chose silver and white pens to work with.

Artline 900XF, poster and paint markers

Again I used washi tape to mark out the shapes I wanted...

Making a diagonal stripe with washi tape

... and then coloured them in with the white and silver pens.  I repeated this process until I had three new stripes on the front of the planter.

Colouring in with my silver Artline 900XF

After the inks and paint were dry I removed the tape and drew along the edges of my new sections with the complimentary colour (white along the silver stripes and silver along the white ones).

Highlighting the white stripe with silver

This is how it looks now!

Silver, white and mint planter

I'm very happy with my finished pots!  They are unique to my garden and I had fun decorating them outside in the glorious sunshine.  

On my doorstep

Have I inspired you to have a go a creating your own pots?  I'd love to see them if you do!

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