Monday, 23 July 2018

Artline Monday - National Parks Week

Yesterday saw the start of National Parks Week, if you haven't heard about it then it is a week of fun and events taking place at the National Parks we have here in the UK and it has inspired my latest collection of #ArtlineRocks!

Rocks and Artline pens

I know that not everyone is lucky enough to live near one of our amazing National Parks so if you can't get to one to join in with the celebrations then you could go and spend some time outside in either a local park, forest or wood and enjoy getting in touch with nature.  With this in mind my rocks are based around things you can do in the park or any wide open space.

Adding a base coat

Because the rocks I am using are quite dark I started off by giving them a coat of paint with my Artline poster markers and then put them to one side while they dried.

Working on the rocks

On my first rock I drew a picnic scene because picnics are one of our favourite things to do together as a family.  I don't know why sitting on a blanket outside to eat a meal makes it more fun but it just does!  

Enjoy a picnic at the park

I used poster markers, Artline 853 OHP markers and a yellow paint marker to draw a sandwich, strawberries and a cupcake on a picnic blanket and the green base coat looks like grass.

Painting a red base coat

The second thing we like to do in big parks is to explore nature.  We go on nature walks and see what animals and insects, plants and flowers we can find.  I usually take a notebook or two and my Artline pens and we record and sketch our findings on our adventure.  If you head outside this week maybe you could do the same?

I had a large flat rock that just screamed ladybird to me so I used a red poster marker to give it a base coat and then added the insects features with a black Artline 325T water colour marker and a white poster marker for the eyes.

Explore nature

When the weather has been a little more forgiving than it has been recently there are usually lots of lovely flowers dotted around the parks.  My girls and I love to walk around them and enjoy the colours, shapes and scents so for my third rock I painted a daisy using my poster markers again and the Artline 853 OHP pens and a paint marker.

Look at all the pretty flowers

Parks and open spaces are great for playing games!  Football, tennis, rounders and cricket are lots of fun with friends so I drew a ball on my fourth rock!

Play a game with friends

My last rock was inspired by Marry Poppins, let's go fly a kite!  Now I'll be honest, I've never successfully managed to get a kite in the air whenever I have tried but it's quite funny watching my children run up and down with string trailing after them trying to launch one!  And who knows, maybe one day we'll get one flying!

Let's go fly a kite

These rocks have just been varnished and are sat on the side drying so they will be ready for us to hide in the next day or two.  I'm planning on taking them to a couple of parks around Birmingham this week so keep your eye out if you are in the area!

My park collection of #ArtlineRocks

Can you see who has invaded my picnic rock?  It's a little ant looking for a treat!

I do hope you get to spend some time enjoying the outdoors this week, especially as the weather is so nice at the moment!

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