Monday, 16 July 2018

Artline Monday - Thank you teacher

It's the final few days of the school year!  Have you sorted out a thank you gift for your little one's teacher yet?  Don't worry if you haven't, I have a quick and simple idea to help you out!

I think most teachers end up leaving school on the last day of term with a lot of flowers and chocolate so I wanted to do something a bit different.   I found these sweet little mini mason jars in Home Bargains but looking online they have something similar in Hobbycraft, Wilkinson, Amazon and Ikea too so you should be able to get hold of some. 

Mason jars, tags and Artline pens

I wanted to fill the jars with sweets, for the first one I used mints and humbugs and matched these with a kraft card gift tag and brown and white twine.

This colour combination is great for male teachers!

I attached the twine to the tag and then used my white pastel calligraphy pen to write Thank you on the front of it.  I really like how the white ink pops against the kraft colour!  On the reverse side of the tag you can write your message to the teacher and your child's name.

Writing the tag

The last step was to tie the gift tag around the top of the jar and then screw the lid on.

Attaching the tag

Of course you could use full size mason jars for this but I think the mini ones look really cute and after the sweets have all been eaten the recipient can use them for stationery storage like paper clips and rubber bands or as a tealight or votive candle holder.  Or just refill them with more treats!

Finished gift

For the second jar I went with a red, white, pink and silver theme.  I used a metallic red poster marker to write on the gift tag and added some pink and white twine to attach it to the jar.

Filling in the tag

I wanted to make this jar different to the first one so I used a silver Artline 900XF pen to write Mrs R on the front of the jar (one of my daughter's teachers) and then tied the tag to it.

Personalising the jar with the teacher's initials

Here is the finished jar!

Personalised thank you gift

I used a chalkboard sticker for the last jar and one of my Artline chalk markers.  It was easier for me to write on the sticker before I put it on the jar but as the chalk markers are erasable I could have wiped out any mistakes and tried again if I hadn't.

The chalk markers are nice and bold

I filled this jar with some purple and red sweets....

Ready to add the treats

... and then tied a piece of purple and white twine around the top of the jar into a bow.

Finished jar

These gifts are so easy to make but I think they look really cute and it's always nice to receive a handmade present!

My thank you gifts

Which of these is your favourite design?  I can't decide, I hope my daughter's teachers and classroom assistant like them on Friday!

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