Monday, 25 March 2013

My inadvertent good idea

When I ordered my dividers for my Filofax I had choose what I wanted them to say.  I was already using my Filofax ruler/page marker in my Dodo Pad so I decided to label one of them This Week and use it in my week on two pages diary so I could find where I was easily in both set of inserts.  

My divider as a page marker
The dividers are laminated so they are the perfect surface for post it notes.  I hadn't thought of this when I placed my order but now my "This week" divider has become my dashboard.  I use it to keep a couple of sets of post it notes and my arrow shaped ones (which I call point its because that's my daft sense of humor) so they are close to hand when I am using my diary.  One set of the post its is quite long and has little check boxes on each line so I think they might be for to do lists but I am using it for my shopping lists.  I used to write my list on the morning before I went to the supermarket which meant I forgot to add things to the list quite often.  Now it is in my Filofax I can note things down each day as I discover we need them.  I don't lose it like I would if I were writing it on a piece of paper and then forgetting where I kept it and as its a post it note I can just stick it on the back of my mobile when I'm going shopping and it is where I need it.

My dashboard
So there you go, that was my inadvertent good idea!


  1. Hi Amanda! It's so nice to see how the dividers are being used- thank you for sharing the photos :) And all your pages look so colourful with lots of stickers (^o^)!

    1. Thank you! If you look on my Coming Soon page you'll see the page markers in my chameleon ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It's fantastic! I really love everything she comes up with :)