Monday, 18 March 2013

My week #11/52

I have mentioned before that I am using two diaries in my Filofax to keep me organised (you can read about it here).  When I have been doing these weekly pages posts I have only been showing you my week over two pages diary so I thought I would show you my Dodo Pad pages as well today.  I use my Dodo Pad as a planner for the whole family so I can see what we are all doing each week at a glance. 

I love the grid format, it is so easy to use! 

My garden themed doodles

I love the spring theme of this week, I just wish we had had the weather to match them!

Here are my other pages from this week:

Cupcake washi tape!
The spring theme of my Dodo Pad got me thinking of warmer weather and holidays.  I am looking forward to some sunshine and a stay by the sea this year so I best stop buying stationery and start saving..... well maybe just cut down on the stationery!