Monday, 25 March 2013

My week #12/52

I can't believe that we are in the 13th week of the year already!  I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring now but we still have snow here.  It was fun when it first came but now its mainly sheets of ice and walking anywhere feels dangerous!  Anyway here are my pages for last week.

Overview of the week

We were celebrating my daughter's birthday at the weekend, it's not actually until this Sunday but as Easter falls on it this year we moved everything forward.  I had quite a few things I needed to do so I was happy to be able to note them down and tick them off when completed!

Close up

Close up

I made an extra to do list on a long post it note to remind me what I needed to do to sort the house out before the party.  Some of the things on the list were easy to remember but a couple I would have forgotten to do if I hadn't written them down!

My to do list for the weekend
That's it for now except to wish you a happy Easter and thanks for reading!

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