Sunday, 31 March 2013

A tiny eBay haul and a gift

I sold a couple of bits on eBay last week and used some of the money to buy this little lot. It was listed as a kawaii bundle which is one of my saved searches on eBay.  It came in this Hello Kitty bag.

Cute packaging 
Inside the bag

I won't be using the hair bands myself but I'm sure my daughters will like them. I like the Hello Kitty squishy though so I'm going to put that on my bag. The star stickers are sweet and I really like the colours so I have tucked those into a pocket in my Filofax and we've eaten the little candy canes already.

Fairy tale world stickers in packaging 

The pack of fairy tale world stickers are really cute! I was worried they were too cute but they are talking to my inner child today so I'm going to use them. There are a quite a few in there so I was pleasantly surprised.

Back of the packet showing which stickers are inside
Inside the packet

My husband was at a meeting at college this week and they were giving out rubber bracelets and pens so he grabbed me these, I love that he knows me so well! The pink on them matches my Filofax perfectly!


Thanks for reading and I will be posting my This Week pages tomorrow. Happy Easter!


  1. Aww I LOVE these stickers! They especially fit in with me watching Once Upon A Time all weekend =D xo

    1. Me too! I didn't know exactly what would be in there as it didn't say in the listing but I was really happy to find Alice in wonderland and Red ridding hood stickers in it!
      I love Once Upon A Time too ;)