Monday, 1 April 2013

My week #13/52

Last week was really busy for me.  The school decided to squish everything into the last four days of term so by the time Easter arrived I was glad of the rest!

Week 13 overview

For the first time in ages I managed to return the children's library books on time.  Previously I found myself calling the library to renew the loans on the day they were due back (or even worse a day or two after!) because I had forgotten all about them.  It felt like a little victory to have collected all eight books together on Sunday and returned them on Monday, my planning is working!

Close up

On Saturday I tweaked some things on here, I added a new page and edited some photos I wanted to use at a later date.  I like how it's coming together now.  Easter Sunday was also my daughter's birthday so she decided which stickers I used on that day.  The princess washi tape came on the parcel from my ebay haul so I recycled it. 

Close up

I had to go through all the letters and paperwork I had clipped together and stored in the back of my Filofax last week.  It was getting too bulky and nearly straining the elastic loop that keeps it closed!  I transferred over any information I needed to keep onto my pages and then disposed of the letters and anything important I filed away.  There is now only three bits of paper stored in the back which are about things I need to deal with this week.  I can't believe how much lighter it is now!


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