Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Filofax photo-a-day challenge, day twenty-five

Today's theme is Oldest Of The Bunch.  This Binder is the oldest Filofax type system that I still own. I did have a couple before this but I don't know where they have ended up over the years. 

April challenge  - day twenty-five

The diary in this is dated 1999 but those pages are slightly smaller than the address ones so I think they would have been a replacement insert I brought.   The binder must be from 1998 or earlier when Kangol was cool!


  1. Haha! I remember having a purple furry Filofax from about the same time! Though I never kept it, or if I did I don't know where it is xo

    1. I had a brilliant mini one before this one. It was plastic and filled with a blue gel liquid and lots of glitter and it had an alien on the front. I know I still have it somewhere as I liked it too much to throw away ;)