Monday, 8 April 2013

She's Eclectic - Enabling Filofax love!

Since I started blogging about my Filofax a few people have told me that I had convinced them to buy one for themselves!   I asked them to send me some photos of their binders so I could share them with you.

Stephanie at Never Mind Suzi brought a lovely A5 teal binder from Paperchase and wrote about it here

Stephanie's photos 

Dawn at Reflective Ramblings Of An OU Student brought a red Metropol in pocket size and wrote about it in her blog too.  I know she has also ordered a purple Malden now and I'm so jealous!

Dawn's photos

Slooky brought an A5 Domino in red and some coloured pens and lots stickers and was kind enough to take some photos for me.

Slooky's photos

My friends Frances, Kate, Kelly, Mindy and Keyonna all felt the Apex love and brought one each.   I know some people don't like the Apex binders but the colours are fun, they are a good price for a starter Filofax (especially if you are not sure it is a system that is going to work for you) and you don't have to worry about throwing it in your bag along with everything else and hoping it doesn't get damaged.

Frances' photos

Kate's photo

Kelly's photos

Mindy's photos

Keyonna's photos

I am so happy you all love your Filofaxes and thank you for taking the time to take these photos and sending them to me! If anyone else has brought one after reading my blog I would love to know, I'd like to make it up to a nice round ten soon!


  1. Enabler? I love it when you convert other people to using a Filofax. And they all look grand!

    1. They do don't they! I love converting people too, I like not being alone in my obsession.