Sunday, 14 April 2013

April Filofax photo-a-day challenge, day fourteen

It is day fourteen of the challenge and the theme is Collection.  I decided to add my Dodo pads to the photo as well as I have quite a collection of them.

April challenge -day fourteen

In the photo I have my Dodo book of Christmas, Dodo book of the big move, Dodo Pax System with a 2011 diary in it, 2011/12 Dodo Acad Pad in a gorgeous red slipcover with a green pen loop attached, 2009/10 Acad Pad, A5 2012/13 Acad Pad Filofax insert in my pink Apex, The Dodo blank book and finally a mini 2011/12 Acad Pad.

I use my Dodo book of Christmas every year, I get it off the shelf in October (September if I'm especially excited!) so I can start planning ahead and I've been using it since 2007.  I keep lists of presents from each year in it so I can make sure we don't buy the same thing twice and it's nice to look back on and remember past years.  There are sections in it for card lists (sent and received), food, traditions, children, holiday planner and gifts (and a few more) and I will still be using it for many years to come!

Different kinds of Dodo Pads

I love the Dodo Pad format (which I wrote about here) and the Filofax inserts are perfect for me.  I've tried a few different versions of the pads over the years.  Starting with the desk diaries which I used for a few years before moving onto the Pax System.  The Pax System is a two ring binder roughly the same size as the desk diaries and I liked it because I could punch things I needed to keep and pop them into the binder but the rings were designed to fit the diary and not lots and lots more which is why I moved onto a Filofax (and I liked the different sizes and styles to choose from) and now it is just right!

Missing from the pictures as I couldn't lay my hands on them this morning are my Dodo book of household stuff, a mini 2012/13 Acad Pad in a beautiful real leather apple green slipcover with a hot pink pen loop, a 2007 Dodo Pad, 2008 Dodo Pad, a 2010/11 Acad Pad and my Dodo travel log.  They will all be somewhere around the house and when I come across them all I will have to post another photo.


  1. I'd never heard of dodo until I started following your blog and now I have the 2013 dodo pad for my a5 organiser and I'm liking the sound of that Christmas book xo

    1. Honestly the book of Christmas is fantastic for anyone who likes to plan and get organised over the festive period, I couldn't be without mine!
      I think I have stuck with Dodo Pads for so long because they are fun and a bit different. I like the humour, the layout and the design so much!