Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mrs Brimbles October photo challenge - week two

Week two of the challenge is already over, October is flying by!  I started to write this post yesterday but didn't get very far, it was raining most of the day so I decided to wrap myself up in a blanket and watch The Walking Dead instead.  I love cold, crisp autumn days but I'm not so keen on damp, soggy grey ones especially when I have to leave the house!  Today is clear and bright and I find myself feeling much more motivated.  

Day eight - Couldn't Live Without...

I honestly couldn't live without some kind of diary or planner and pens!  I just can't keep track of everything I need to remember in my head any more.

Day eight - couldn't live without...

Day nine - Purple

Here are a selection of some of my purple planner goodies, the tortoise dashboard from Mrs Brimbles is so sweet.

Day nine - purple

Day ten - Writing 

I mix it up between using planner stamps and writing in my diary.  Oh and always lots of colours too!

Day ten - writing

Day eleven - Preparation

It really is time to start thinking about Christmas, if I can spread things out over the next three months December wont be as hectic!

Day eleven - preparation

Day twelve - Warm Drink

A very yummy cup of caramel hot chocolate, it was delicious! 

Day twelve - warm drink

Day thirteen - What Autumn Means To Me

Creamy coffee drinks, woolly gloves, autumn skies, Lush's Christmas line of bath treats and quite a few birthdays are all things that I look forward at this time of year. 

Day thirteen - what autumn means to me

Day fourteen - Crafted

I used to be really good at cross stitch but I haven't done any in a while, this floral bookmark is one of my favourite craft projects I have made.

Day fourteen - crafted

Are you joining in with the challenge?  Let me know where I can see your photos, I would love to take a look.

Thanks for stopping by!

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