Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My week #43

It's another autumn theme this week.  I love how the gold, orange and brown all go together, they remind me of rust coloured leaves and shiny conkers!  

My week in my Filofax #43

The quote I used at the top of the page says...

"Autumn is here inside
my heart."

... but looking at it now, it could sound a bit depressing!     

Close up

Everyone in the house has been ill at some point during the week.  I'm glad there is no school this week so we can relax and recuperate for a bit now.  I could happily sit on the sofa, in my pjs and under a blanket watching kid friendly "scary" movies for the rest of the week but I have to start getting things ready for Halloween.  Those pumpkins aren't going to buy and carve themselves!

Close up

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear the autumn bugs are in your house; have a quiet week and enjoy carving out your niche(!)
    What will your pumpkin be? A filofax? A collection of scary pens? Or a gruesome face? Will you fit it into next week's photo, please?

    1. Lol Angel Jem a filofax would be a challenge but I don't think my kids would be impressed or happy with that so I'm guessing we will be doing scary faces. I am sure I will take a pic or two ;)
      And so much for staying in and relaxing, we ended up doing a dinosaur hunt today, listened to a story and got to make some puppet dinos. We only popped out for some bread and a block of cheese, it was an afternoon of unexpected fun!