Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mrs Brimbles October photo challenge - week three

Hello!  This is my round up for the third week of the Mrs Brimbles October photo challenge, here are my pics...

Day fifteen - Selfie

Sorry no planner in this one, just little old me!  I tried to fit it in but didn't have enough hands to hold it and take a photo at the same time.

Day fifteen - selfie

Day sixteen - Favourite

This quote card is definitely one of my favourites and I've always been a little obsessed with glitter.

Day sixteen - favourite

Day seventeen - Orange

The lovely Mrs Brimbles AKA Anna sent me a note in this sweet envelope a while back and if the prompt is "orange" then I have to include something with a fox on it!

Day seventeen - orange

Day eighteen - Words

These are good words to live by and I love seeing them in my planner each day.  The dashboard and my dividers both came from Just Keep Pinning on Etsy and they go perfectly together!

Day eighteen - word

Day nineteen - So me

I have a weakness for expensive toiletries but I don't often get to buy any.  My amazing in-laws gave me this body cream last weekend and it is very me.  It smells nice and has a glittery shimmer, I'm planning to sparkle right through to 2015! 

Day nineteen - so me

Day twenty - Snuggly

Talking of my in-laws my mother in-law made this Winnie the Pooh blanket for my children when they were smaller.  We all like to snuggle underneath it when the weather is chilly.

Day twenty - snuggly

Day twenty-one - Marker

I love this page marker from Cute Organizing, I brought a set of them over a year and a half ago and they all still look brand new!

Day twenty-one - marker

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  1. I just love your planner(s). They are so pretty! I've been following you on IG and like nearly every single photo you put up :-)