Friday, 27 November 2015

Lucky Dip Club - Biscuit Box

Have you ever seen the giant biscuit cushions by Nikki McWilliams?  They are made to look like custard creams, jammy dodgers and lots of other fun biscuity designs, I think they are great and I have had a couple of them on my wish list for a while now.  Anyway I follow Nikki on Instagram and she announced that she had designed some products for the Lucky Dip Club, I was intrigued so I went off to investigate.  I found that the Lucky Dip Club is a monthly subscription box for people who love handmade products, personalised presents and receiving a surprise in the post.  It sounded right up my street so I got onto the computer and ordered myself the October box.  The boxes are available on the 1st day of the month and sell out pretty quickly, they are then made up and posted to you at the end of the month.  I was so excited by the time my parcel arrived in the mail!

Lucky Dip Club - October's Biscuit Box

Inside the box you find your Club zine booklet which tells you a little about the lovely products and the people who have made them.  


Lots of fun things to read with a cuppa and a biscuit

Underneath the booklet your surprises are wrapped up in bright yellow tissue paper.

Your surprises are waiting...

The first thing I spotted once I opened the box was the biscuit brooch with my name on, you get one personalised product in each box and you can pick which name or word you would like on it.

Look at all the goodies!

I was over the moon to discover that one of the goodies supplied by Nikki was a DIY mini biscuit cushion kit.  Inside the packet was a printed rainbow party ring image and a yellow piece of fabric to make the cushion, stuffing, fully illustrated instructions and a little sewing kit with pins, a needle and coloured cotton.  

Nikki McWilliams DIY biscuit cushion kit

My mini cushion after I made it

The Lucky Dip boxes have contained a charm of the month for the past eight boxes (including this October box), my charm is a jammy dodger biscuit and it came on a silver coloured necklace.  The December box, which goes on sale on the 1st December at 7am will have a cats and cocktails theme and it will contain the last charm of the month.  I emailed Leona (the lovely lady who makes the Lucky Dip boxes) and asked her what will be inside next year to replace the charms but she told me it is a surprise so we will have to wait and see!

Charm of the month, personalised brooch & sticky notes

You can see my sweet biscuit brooch here, isn't it cute?  There was also some pink party ring sticky notes which are really fun! 

I'm a smart cookie wall art

The second product from Nikki was this holographic word wall art print, it is really hard to photograph but it looks great in person!

You see the lovely biscuit background I used for these photos?  Well that is what is printed on the back of the club zine, how cool is that? 

Everything together

So this is everything I got in the box all together, I am really happy with it!  I paid £20 for a one off box including free P&P but if you subscribe then the boxes only cost £18 each and they also include free UK postage.  There is no set time limit for a subscription so you can cancel it at any time if you wish. 

So what do you think of the Lucky Dip Box?  Is it your cup of tea?  It is certainly mine!

* Disclaimer - I purchased this product myself and was not paid to write this post.  I am not affiliated with the Lucky Dip Club or Nikki McWilliams.  I received my box by the end of October, it has just taken me a while to finish my review, sorry!


  1. Omg everything is so cute, i really need to get these boxes, might sign up after christmas =]

    1. Emyii it is such a fun idea and everything I got in mine was brilliant, I'm thinking of buying the December box if I can nab one before they sell out! :)

  2. Hey Amanda- thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely post! Really glad you liked the collab- great job making up your DIY biscuit cushion too- it looks brilliant! Nx