Friday, 13 November 2015

Mrs Brimbles photo challenge - week four

Sorry for the delay in sharing my final round up of photos from the October challenge, I've been very busy recently so I am playing catch up again!

Day twenty four - stickers

I decided to show off my new sticky notes for today's prompt, aren't they cute?

Day 24 - Stickers

Day twenty five - Toasty

Nothing makes me feel nice and toasty like a big cup of hot chocolate and if it is topped with cream that is even better!

Day 25 - Toasty

Day twenty six - Preparation

I ordered a new sparkly dashboard in preparation for Christmas.  I love how nicely it was packaged, it was like receiving a beautifully wrapped present.

Day 26 - Preparation

Day twenty seven - Crisp or crunch

Crisp or crunch?  Both when it comes to autumn leaves!  I am also counting this as my photo for the Out & About prompt I missed last week.  While I was taking this photo is started to rain and you can see a few drops that landed on my planner, I am happy to report that my Van der Spek organiser can handle a rain shower and all the spots disappeared once they had dried!

Day twenty eight - Pumpkin

I had a few pumpkiny things to share in this pic, I brought a glittery pumpkin bubble bar from Lush and a sweet new charm from Kawaii Studios  to see me though the Autumn months.  The little pumpkin was eventually carved into a smiling jack-o-lantern to greet the trick or treaters who came to our door on the 31st.

Day twenty eight - Pumpkin

Day twenty nine - Changing

Changing the theme of my planner, I had a pumpkin dashboard at the front when I opened my organiser but now I have a lovely, glittery reindeer dashboard to get me into a more festive mood!

Day 29 - Changing 

Day thirty - Treat

My favourite treat is a coffee and cake, especially if they are Christmas ones!

Day thirty - Treat

Day thirty one - Halloween

This was my Halloween theme for the last week of October.  I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did!

Day 31 - Halloween

Thanks for stopping by!

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