Monday, 6 August 2018

Artline Monday - Holiday prep with Artline

Are you off on your holidays soon?  Have you got everything prepared and ready?  Artline pens can help you with more than just writing your packing list so I'm here today with a few ideas for your upcoming travels!

Make sure you are protected

If you are going somewhere hot it is important that you protect your skin with sun cream!  The manufacturers recommend only using the lotion for 12 months once it has been opened as it is less effective after this time so it is a good idea to write the date you first use it on the bottle with a permanent marker like this Artline 70 one.  If you don't want to bring a marker on holiday with you then you could just write the date of your first day away on the bottle before you pack it and leave the pen at home.

Kids travelling kit

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, ship or car it is worth putting something together to keep any children with you entertained!  I found some activity books and cute bags at The Works this weekend which will be perfect for keeping my girls busy when we drive down to the seaside this month.

Bags of fun with Artline!

I will put a book or two in each bag along with a selection of Artline Stix pens, some stickers, snacks and a bottle of water.  If the girls get bored of the books they can colour in their bags and design their own unicorns too!

Whiteboards are also great for travelling, you can use them to play games like hangman and noughts and crosses or just doodle on them and then wipe it away and start again!

Doodling with Artline whiteboard markers

If you are going to use these boards for a long journey I would write an ETA on them before you set off so your child/children know roughly what time you should arrive and just maybe that will be enough to avoid the dreaded "Are we nearly there yet?" question the whole trip!  But it probably wont unless your children know how to tell the time and can remember the time you are supposed to arrive once they have cleaned the board to play with it!

Are we nearly there yet?

Okay, that is it for now.  If you are going away then I will wish you safe travels and if you are staying at home I hope the weather is nice for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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