Monday, 13 August 2018

Artline Monday - National Allotments Week

Today is the start of National Allotments Week, "What is that?" I hear you ask!  Well it is a special week being held to encourage people to try their hand at gardening, growing their own food and maybe even decide to rent their own little allotment and see just how green their thumbs are!  I also thought it would be a great time to introduce you to the brilliant Artline garden-marker!

Artline Garden Marker

The garden marker was specially made to be used outside, it is UV and water resistant as well as quick drying making it the perfect pen for plant labels (or lolly sticks as they are know in this house) and anything else you would like to write on like plant pots and tools.  It won't fade in the sun or run in the rain so I guess you could say it is weather proof and ideal for gardeners or general use outside.

During National Allotments week allotments all over the UK will be opening their gates to visitors and sharing their knowledge and passion for this pass time so if you are interested in learning more it might be worth googling your nearest allotment and seeing if they are doing anything special to mark the week.  

Grow your own fruit and veg

I have a friend who has rented an allotment for years so I popped down to visit this weekend to take a peek and I have to say I am really toying with the idea of renting my own space there!


Some people use their space for growing flowers and make it really pretty so they can sit on their plot and enjoy all their hard work once things begin to bloom while others are busy growing fruit and veggies like these tomatoes.

I'd be so proud if I could grow my own tomatoes

I was put to work on my visit labelling plants with the garden-marker and tying back any straggling plants so they can grow tall and strong.  I have to say I'm grateful there was no digging involved!

Perfect pocket sized tools

After I finished my tasks I took a wonder through the allotment and had a small taste of how quiet and peaceful it was out there.  I really can imagine taking a flask of tea with me and trying to grown some prize winning fruit and veg, or you know, any kind of fruit and veg and I would be happy!  I think I would save the flowers for my garden though and just enjoy the view of everyone else's.

Exploring the allotment

Are you a keen gardener or do you already have an allotment space you are proud of?  I'd love to know your hints and tips for growing things if you have any!