Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Artline Tuesday - Getting back to school ready

So there is just over a week to go until the new school year starts, are you ready?  If not, don't worry!  I have some tips today to help you be prepared for the first day of term and make the most of the last few days of the holiday!

My back to school checklist

I always write myself a back to school checklist to make sure I get everything done and so I don't forget anything.  Grab a pen and write your own now, there is still enough time left to get organised!  

My first section is usually for the things I need to buy like uniforms and school supplies, I use a highlighter to make little check boxes and then list the items I need.  Once I have brought them I can add a tic or cross to the box so I know that it has been completed.

If you still need to buy your school stationery check out my Back to school essentials post for some ideas!

To buy & To do

The To do section is for things that need to be done at some point over the break, these aren't time sensitive they just need to be finished before school starts again.  I only have a couple of things on this list, the first is to label the uniforms with my Artline laundry marker.  I used this pen last year to write my kids names on their clothes and it withstood repeated washing over the school year and I didn't have to rewrite anything, it was fantastic!

The second is to check everyone's diaries for term dates and inset days so I can add them all to my calendar. 

Week before, Day before & 1st day of school

On the second page I have a timetable for getting back to school ready.  It is split into three sections:

Week before

  • Hair cuts
  • Check shopping lists (have I brought everything?)
  • Get back into a routine (bedtimes and early mornings again)

Day before

  • Leave out uniforms the night before
  • Pack bags
  • Pack PE kits
  • Book Bag
  • Set alarm
  • Top up mobiles
  • Charge phones

1st Day of school

  • Wake up early
  • Have breakfast
  • Take photos (I love those back to school pics!)

If you follow these tips the first day of school should run smoothly and hopefully be less stressful than just trying to wing it.

If you are looking for things to keep your kids entertained over the last few days of summer then there are a couple of Artline competitions running at the moment.  They can join the Artline Heroes and design their own superhero mask, you can find the info here, and there are also some printable activities to keep them busy too.  This comp closes on the 31st August so make sure you enter before then!

The second competition is to design a pair of glasses with Scrivens and this is running until the 1st September, you can find all the details about it here.

I have really enjoyed spending the summer with my children, we've had so much fun and tried lots of new crafts and activities but I will admit I am kind of looking forward to being home alone again and enjoying some peace and quiet!  How about you?

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