Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Mustard's T-errifyingly T-rrific T-Rex stationery collection

Are you looking for the perfect back to school stationery or just wanting to add a splash of colour to your personal collection?  Well then, let me introduce you to Mustard!  I came across this brand during National Stationery Week a couple of years ago and if you are a long time reader of this blog you will definitely have seen some of their products in my posts before like rainbow sticky notes and pug page markers.  Their style is so iconic once you are familiar with the brand it is easy to spot their designs!

One of their newest collections is T-rex and it is full of bold, clashing colours, pop art style elements and features the coolest dino in town.  He appears on a range of products from notebooks to dinosaur shaped highlighters and Mustard sent me a few different things to show you!

The T-Rex collection

The magenta T-Rex notebook is perfect for bullet journalling, drawing and notes as the paper has a light dotted grid pattern on it which is enough to give you a guideline to work with but wont intrude on anything you write or draw over it. 

Size wise it fits nicely in all of my bags and it doesn't weigh very much either so it's perfect for toting too and from work or school.  It doesn't take up a lot of room on my desk either which is definitely another plus point for it!

Stained edges

The edges of the paper are stained pink to match the dinosaur illustration, elastic enclosure and pen loop, adding an extra pop of colour to the book and if you don't like pink (I hear you, but I disagree!) then it also comes in blue too.

Peeking dinos

You can pair your notebook with some matching page markers, I think they look so cute peeking out over the top of the cover!  The sticky ends are alternated so you can also have little pairs of feet sticking out the bottom of your notebook and they are repositionable if you need to move them from page to page.

Dino-mite highlighters

The pink and lime highlighters are super fun, I received one in my National Stationery Week box a few months back and thought it was brilliant!  T-Rex is carrying all his essentials in his backpack and looks all set for his new adventure wherever it may take him.

The round barrel makes them comfortable to hold

The highlighters are a great way to brighten up your desk and you can play with them like toys if you feel inclined (hands up, I totally do that with full on roaring sounds too!) but they are also easy to use and comfortable to hold once you open them up.

Mini pencil case

The last thing I want to show you is this handy mini pencil case.  It has an elasticated loop attached to the top and bottom ends so you can place it over the notebook to keep your pens safe and readily available.  It holds around five or six pens or pencils easily and along with the pen loop on the notebook you should have enough space for your supplies for when you are struck by inspiration!  The case should fit most standard size notebooks too if you are eyeing it up and think it's a great idea!

I took a few of my T-Rex products with me when I went to celebrate World Calligraphy Day a couple of weeks ago and what did I spot?  A dinosaur trail around the city centre and the stop I found was the T-Rex!  So I dug my notebook and highlighters out of my bag and snapped a couple of pics with it because it felt so serendipitous!  Or should that be seren-dippy-tous?  Sorry, is that one too many dinosaur puns?


A terror of T-Rex

If you have taken a look at the Mustard website and spotted something you love or fallen for the charming Mr T-Rex then you are in luck as I have been given a discount code for you to use!  Enter this code at the checkout for 30% off an order of £35 or more.


The code is case sensitive and expires on the 7th September 2018.

Happy shopping!


  1. Oh wow, I love how bright their products are! Great post!

    1. Thanks Geraldine! I love how bright they are too!

  2. Ooh I need peeking dinosaurs ��

  3. Love the colours, that pencil case looks handy the way you can put on a notepad or even your planner

    1. I love the colours too and the pencil case is really great!

  4. Oh wow they are lovely, great for little boys and back to school, so colourful xx

  5. This range is so fun! I love that the pencil case comes with a band - more pencil cases should have that.

  6. Love this range it's so bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing:)