Monday, 18 February 2019

Artline Monday - Half term craft

Are you looking for something to do to keep your children busy this half term?  I have an idea for you today that is fun and easy and best of all you probably have the supplies you need to make it already at home!

My youngest daughter loves llamas and she is really happy that they have become popular recently so when I saw this idea for paper plate llamas on Pinterest I knew we had to give it a go!


You will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • A ruler
  • A selection of pens & poster markers for decoration

Take your paper plate and draw a line down the centre of it with your ruler, then cut the plate in half.

Cut your plate in half

Put one half of the plate to one side, this will be the body.  Take the second half and draw the head and neck of your llama, don't forget it's ears too.

Draw the head and neck

Take the other half of your plate and turn it over so the bottom of it is the side we will draw on.  Glue or tape the neck underneath the body of the llama.  

Attach the head to the body

Using the piece you cut the head out from draw four legs and a tail and then cut them out.

Draw four legs and a tail

Glue or tape these to the llama....

Attach the legs and tail

... then it is time to decorate and add some details!  I used the circle of the bottom of the plate as a guide for my blanket shape and then painted it blue with my Artline poster marker.  

Adding a blanket

Once the blue had dried I added some metallic pink tassels with another poster marker.

Drawing the tassels

Next I drew an eye, nose, mouth and a set of reins on the llama, I also coloured in the inside of the ears with a little bit of pink, added a few eyelashes and some more tassels around the reins.

Adding some details

The great thing about Artline poster markers is that you can draw over the top of them once they have dried properly so I added some silver spots to my blanket too.

Silver spots

Here is my finished llama!

My llama

My daughter was also making her own one following the steps as I made mine.  She raided my Artline supplies and decorated her llama all by herself.

Painting her blanket

She is really pleased with the llamas and she wants to carry on making more over the holiday so she can decorate her room with them.  I thought I could peg them onto some string for her to make a kind of bunting or display once she's finished making an army of them!

Our paper plate llamas

My favourite thing about this craft is it isn't messy and my seven year old can complete all the steps herself so now she knows what she is doing I can go and make myself a nice cup of tea while she toils away making more on her own.

Do you like the current llama trend?  If they aren't your thing you could try different animals instead if you adjust the shape a little.  I'm thinking horses or maybe even unicorns?  I might give that a go and see how they turn out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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