Monday, 25 February 2019

Artline Monday - Tooth Fairy Day

Thursday 28th February is Tooth Fairy Day, who knew?  The tooth fairy is very special so she definitely deserves her own day to celebrate all her hard work and I thought it would be nice to do something to mark the occasion.

Scrap fabric and Artline pens

I've tried lots of tooth fairy crafts over the years, tiny notes, fairy dust and special milestone cards and messages etc but I've never made a tooth pillow before so I wanted to give it a go today.  I'm also feeling a bit inspired by the return of the Great British Sewing Bee so I broke out my cotton, pins and needles!

I decided to upcycle a couple of bits of old baby clothes to make the pillow.  I used my Artline fineliner to mark out the pieces of cloth I needed and then cut out two squares of stripy pink material to make the pillow and a smaller strip of white fabric to make the pocket which will go on the front of it.   

Personalising the pocket

I am making this pillow for my youngest daughter as she still has plenty of milk teeth left to loose.  I thought she would like me to personalise it for her so I decided to decorate the pocket with an Artline fabric marker before I pinned and stitched it into shape.

Pinning the pocket

I used a simple running stitch to sew the pocket together and added a little strip of pompoms along the top edge too.

I also attached the pompoms along the edges of my stripy pink material for the body of the cushion and then pinned and stitched three of the sides together leaving one side open to fill with stuffing.  Then I sewed the personalised pocket onto the centre of the cushion again using a running stitch.


Using the end I had left open I filled the cushion with lots of stuffing and then closed the edge with some small, neat stitches. 

Adding the stuffing

Here is the finished pillow, it is now ready to hold a little lost tooth when the next one falls out (which according to my daughter could be any day now!).  I also think it might help the tooth fairy do her job as a mini cushion must be easier to find in the dark, under a pillow with a sleeping child on top of it than a tiny tooth on its own, don't you think?

All set to hold it's first tooth

Does the tooth fairy still visit your house?  How much does she leave your children?  I don't care about inflation, in our house if you loose a tooth she leave a pound coin.

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