Monday, 4 February 2019

Artline Monday - Valentine's Day gift

I love February, it means January is finally over and we are a step closer to spring!  It is also the month for love and romance because of Valentine's Day so for today's post I'm going to show you a little handmade gift idea for the 14th that you can do with your Artline pens. 


I brought this hanging glass decoration from Home Bargains which can be used to hold an electric tealight candle or to plant a small succulent or something similar but if you can't find one of these you could use any kind of glass decoration, wine glass or candle jar etc to personalise.

Artline make lots of pens that work on surfaces like glass and ceramic, for this craft I am using poster markersSupreme metallic markers and an Artline 900XF gold pen.

Drawing a gold heart

You can't get away from hearts in February so I decided to go with the flow and add lots of them to my decoration!  I drew a large gold heart first....

Adding a red heart with a poster marker

.... and then a smaller one inside it with my red poster marker.

Spots and dots

Next I added some spots and dots to my pattern with the white poster marker and my metallic markers.

More hearts

I wanted to continue the heart theme so I drew lots of small hearts all around the decoration in gold, white and silver and then I added some more detail onto the red heart in the centre using the white poster marker again.  

Adding the year to my star charm

I decided to commemorate the year this was made so I painted my little wooden star charm gold using the Artline 900XF pen and when it had dried I wrote 2019 on it with a black marker.  Then I threaded it onto the twine so it would sit on top of the bauble.

My finished design

If you wanted to really personalise your gift you could add names or initials, important dates and places that are special to you both to your design as well.

The view from above

The front

I think it's nice to receive a handmade gift for Valentine's Day, especially if it is something that will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates.  I like to have something I can keep and treasure.

If you are in the mood for love you can check out some of my previous Valentine's posts here for some more ideas!

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