Monday, 11 February 2019

Artline Monday - Valentine's Day cards

Following on from last week's Valentine's Day gift this week I'm sharing a couple of ideas for making your own cards.  

Card making supplies

My first card is pink and girly but you could change the colours to something you prefer.  I started out with an A4 sheet of card and folded it in half.  Then I glued a smaller piece of patterned card in the centre leaving me with a pink boarder.

Plain and patterned card

I glued an even smaller piece of white card on top of the patterned sheet giving me a nice layered look.

Making layers

Next I added a cute mini envelope and wrote Hugs inside along the bottom of it with my Artline fineliner....

Mini envelope with message

... and then doodled some more messages as if they were coming out of the envelope.


I used my fineliner and metallic Artline Supreme marker to draw some hearts and add a couple of finishing touches which you can see in the final photo on this post.

Girly card

I wanted my second card to be a bit more "manly" so I went with darker colours but again you can change them to suit your tastes.

Colouring in the lace

I had some white lace stickers so I stuck a couple of strips of them onto the card to give it a bit of texture and then painted over it with a metallic silver poster marker.

Message on the front

I used an Artline Supreme brush marker to write Happy Valentine's Day on the front of the card.  Then I added some blue highlights to my lettering with a metallic blue poster marker and drew a couple of hearts in the corners too.

My finished designs

Once you have finished making your cards all that is left to do is to write your messages inside them!  I will leave that totally up to you but I always like a cheeky poem that makes me laugh.

See you again soon!

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