Sunday, 5 May 2013

My week #18/52

These are my pages for this week, I have to say I'm really pleased with them! 
My week in my A5 Filofax

I won a pencil set from Staples UK during National Stationery Week and it arrived on Monday so I had a go at doodling a couple of things.  They turned out ok, not great but not awful! 

Start of the week

My Coleto pen arrived on Friday and I fell in love with it straight away!  I like how smoothly it writes and how fine the tip is.  The refills are the 0.3 ones so I can write really small using them and fit more onto each day.  I also like having a choice of colours in one handy pen!

End of the week  

We went for a lovely long walk this afternoon along the River Cole.  We took the dogs with us and had a great time.  It is nice and sunny so we took plenty of drinks and a bowl for the dogs so they could have water when they needed it as we were doing about three miles in total.

The River Cole

We haven't done this walk before, the children loved walking ahead of us so they could discover what was around the next corner.

Off on an adventure!

I'll admit my legs are aching a little now but it was worth it to spend some time outdoors and enjoying the greenery.  I think Marley and Molly were glad to get home afterwards, they went straight into the kitchen to lie down on the cool floor.  I didn't join them but I was tempted!

Marley and Molly enjoyed their walk!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Love your spreads! I got my first Coleto last week too, and am still getting used to the 0.5 tips.

    1. Thank you Wendy! How many colours does your Coleto hold? I don't mind the 0.3 size because its not much smaller than the cute blue pen I've been using since I brought my Filofax in January.

    2. Mine holds five colours, and I've got 0.5mm refills. Not sure I could go any smaller, I'm still getting used to these ones after using 0.7 tips. Definitely loving the vibrant colours though!

    3. I love the colours too! I think I'll order the 0.5 refills when I need them, just so there's more colour when I write ;)