Sunday, 26 May 2013

My week #21/52 and a downsizing experiment

This week I tried using my Amazona to see if I could downsize and use it as my main planner instead of my A5 Apex.  I did manage to fit everything onto the pages but I felt quiet constrained so by Tuesday evening I decided to also use the A5 pages.  I know I would have more room on the pocket size pages if I didn't decorate them but if I didn't make them pretty I wouldn't be as inclined to use my Filofax.

My week in my pocket Amazona Filofax

Here are my pages from my Apex.

My week in my A5 Apex Filofax

As soon as I started decorating these pages I felt happier, all the blank space in front of me helped me feel more creative!

Close up

I know the bird picture took up quite a bit of room but I thought it was pretty and in the A5 I had the space to use it so I did.

Close up

I am glad that I tried to use the pocket size as my main organiser.  I have learnt that I am probably best keeping that size for use as my purse and notebook and using a larger size to do my planning.  It has also made me realise that I could use a personal size Filofax if I wanted to.  If I can fit all my appointments and notes onto a pocket size page going up to the personal size would give me enough space to decorate my pages as well.  It has definitely given me something to think about!


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    1. Thank you Luciana! I will come and take a look :)