Friday, 10 May 2013

The wants #2

For the past couple of weeks I have been gripped by another case of the wants!  Last time I wrote about this (here) I wanted a Chameleon or a Finsbury Filofax.  I ended up with the pocket sized Chameleon which I am using as my purse.  Now I have been thinking about personal size binders and these are on my list: 

Baroque Filofax in teal

I hadn't heard of the Baroque Filofax until I read about it on Friday, I'm in love.  She has the pink one which is super pretty but I think I would love it in teal.  The pattern inside is gorgeous and the outside is nice too.  From what I have heard they are quite hard to find so I will have to live vicariously through Carla's posts and photos about hers!

Malden Filofax in purple

Everyone seems to love their Malden binders and I can understand why!  I think the purple one is lovely and as I have said before I'm excited about the teal one which should be out later this year. 

The Original Filofax in yellow

The newly released Original in yellow has caught my eye and with every review I have read my longing for it has grown!  It is such a nice shade of yellow, so bright and cheerful.  Out of the three this is the one I want the most, the one I keep looking at one the website.  Hearing how soft and supple the leather is makes me want to touch it, to hold it in my hands.  I need to visit a store soon so I can see if it is as amazing as I think it is!


  1. Are you going to bid on the Teal personal Baroque currently on eBay? It's quite pricey but well worth it especially if you really want one. They're very hard to come by.

    The Maldens are by far my favorite!

    I like the concept of the Original, but don't know how I feel about the pen loop(s) being on the inside like that. The yellow does look lovely though. A very cheerful color. I would most likely go for purple as it is my fave color, but I'm not too crazy about patent leather. Can't wait to see what else Filofax has in store this year.

    1. Is that the one from Germany, its already gone past my price range. It is one of my saved searches on eBay though so I'll live in hope!
      I can't wait for the new Malden to come out, do you know if teal is the only colour being released? I keep looking how lovely the purple is but then I tell myself I want the teal one and I can't have two in different colours...... can I!?
      I really love the yellow Original but I do worry it might look grubby after some use and then I wouldn't like it as much. I should probably think about a more practical colour but where's the fun in that! I don't think the pen loop would faze me, if I didn't like using the front elastic I'd buy a loop and stick it to the flyleaf. I keep a small pencil case in my bag anyway so I always know where my pens are if I wanted to use more than one pen.

  2. There's a baroque teal that needs a little fixing, with side seams undone at the moment. I think it finishes tonight. I was tempted (very) but I don't need another Filofax! I love my Malden and my Chameleon.

    1. I've been watching that one too! There was another teal pocket baroque on there that finished yesterday, right up until the end it was less than £10 but it went for nearer £30. I think I will keep my eye out for a personal size one.... lol it might happen one day! ;)