Friday, 29 April 2016

Fountain Pen Friday - Maped Tatoo Soft fountain pen review

It's Fountain Pen Friday today so I want to share a couple of reviews with you, the first is for this funky Maped Tatoo Soft fountain pen. 

Maped Tatoo Soft Fountain Pen

When I opened the box of stationery supplies I was sent from National Stationery Week and Small Man Media my husband spotted this pen straight away and picked it up for a closer look.  He was definitely drawn to the fun comic book/pop art design on it and so was I!  It reminds me of the Batman TV show that used to be on in the 60's (which I watched as repeats in the 80's!) when the fight scenes were intersected with flashes of cartoon POW!!'s and BOOOOM!!'s. 

Pow! Boooom!

The pen comes with a standard cartridge of blue ink so you can use it straight away, I popped it into the pen and tried it out.

Iridium nib

The nib is a little finer than I am used to using but it still writes well and the triangular comfort soft grip feels nice and, well, comfortable in my hand!

Handwritten review

This pen retails for around £5 which makes it a great starter fountain pen for children or if you haven't used one in a while and want to try again without splashing out too much cash.  

Fountain Pen Day

Overall I really like this pen, the design is fun and colourful and it passes my main test which is good ink flow so it doesn't feel scratchy when I write with it.  

I will be back with a second pen review later on today and you will have the chance to win your own shiny new fountain pen to play with!

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