Monday, 18 April 2016

National Stationery Week - only one week to go!

You might already know that I am a BIG fan of National Stationery Week, I get so excited when it rolls around each year because I am and always have been a massive stationery addict!  The fun begins next Monday so I wanted to give you a little info about what will be going on and let you know how to join in on social media.  

As before each day of the week has its own theme, this year's are listed in the photo below.

National Stationery Week 2016

To join in online make sure you are following these National Stationery Week accounts:

There are some special hashtags that will be used all round social media so make sure you check them out too!


If you are not in the UK you can still join in and celebrate your love of stationery, the 27th April is World Stationery Day which I think is pretty amazing!  

The week isn't just about pretty pens and paper though, the idea behind it is to get more people writing.  Would you prefer to receive an email or text from a friend or a hand written card or letter?  I am lucky and I come from a family of writers, my children are used to receiving cards and notes through the post but they still get excited each time one pops through the door.  

I am in quite a few planner and stationery groups on Facebook and I have seen more and more people are now corresponding with pen pals and calling these letters "happy mail" and that is exactly what they are as they put a smile on your face when you receive them.  National Stationery Week wants to expand this feeling and encourage adults and children everywhere to pick up a pen and make someone's day!  

Supplies from National Stationery Week

I was very lucky to receive a big box of stationery supplies from National Stationery Week and Small Man Media for me to use during the week so I will be posting lots of reviews and hosting some giveaways too.  I was also pretty busy at the Spring Fair earlier in the year and I have got some lovely things from stationery suppliers there as well, keep an eye out for the post about my visit later in the week.

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  1. I have now followed them on some social media sites so i will look out for upcoming posts from them :) Also yummy goodies that you received...i love those Maped pens and they write lovely, enjoy playing with it all!! xx

    1. Great! I hope you enjoy the week and thank you, I am planning on sitting down tomorrow to have a play with it all and then start photographing it too. Fingers crossed it will be a nice sunny day so I have enough natural light! :)