Monday, 11 April 2016

My weeks 12 & 13

Sorry for the delay in sharing my weekly layouts!  I've been quite busy over the Easter holidays but my children are back at school today and I have the house to myself so I finally managed to take some photos and get onto the computer.

My week #12

You might have already seen my Easter bunny theme in my last Planner Friday post but here it is all filled in.  The cute stickers I used are from Mrs Brimbles shop and she designed them herself!  Aren't they sweet?

My week #13

It was my eldest daughter's birthday at the end of March so I used some bunting washi tape to decorate that week.  We did a few different things to celebrate, my husband took her out for a daddy and daughter day, we went out for a meal with her grandparents and the day after we had a little party for her.  I had some reminders listed on the clipboard sticker which made them stand out so I wouldn't forget anything.  I tried to copy the nice font on the sticker (where it says "plan") when I wrote the list but I failed terribly!

My week 14 pages will be up a little later today so keep an eye out for those and thanks for stopping by!