Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Spring Fair 2016 AKA Stationery Heaven

Back in February I spent a couple of days at the Spring Fair trade show.  I wanted to spread the word about National Stationery Week and do a bit of networking with some stationery companies.  I discovered some brands I had not heard of before as well as meeting the people behind some much loved products.  Let me tell you about them...  

Go Stationery

Go Stationery are a company based in London who have an absolutely gorgeous line of products.  I was treated to a sneek peek of their new 2016/17 range of notebooks and I think they are amazing!  Their website is being updated at the moment and these designs will be available online soon.

Shimmer & Colour Block


Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust

Dodo Pad

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know I am a BIG Dodo Pad fan!  I was lucky enough to meet the humans behind Lord Dodo himself, Rebecca and Howard while I was at the show.  They showed me one of the big changes that they have introduced in the new diaries for 2016/17 onwards but I will be telling you all about that next week!

The Dodo Pad's stand

Stamford Notebooks

I discovered Stamford Notebooks on Twitter during National Stationery Week last year so when I heard they were going to be at the fair I had to stop by and say hi!  It was great to be able to see all of the lovely coloured books in person and to see their new range of leather notebook covers.  The new covers remind my of the Filofax Original binders as they are made from thick leather and have a nice simple design. They also smell fantastic!

Stamford Notebooks - hand bound in Stamford England

The Burghley & Traveller's Journal

Leuchtturm 1917

I worked with Leuchtturm 1917 last year when I reviewed and gave away one of their notebooks.  I was drawn towards their stand by the colourful display of books, though when I shared this photo on my Facebook page someone pointed out that they should have arranged the notebooks into rainbow order as they have all of the colours needed to do so!

I met a few more people and companies while I was at the fair but I didn't take photos of all of their stands.  It was quite busy in the halls so sometimes it was difficult to get a picture or two without someone being in the way.  I took some more photos once I got outside...  

My show pass & a cute bottle of water from Orange Licensing

Goodie bag

Products given to me to review & some freebies

I was given some lovely products to bring home and some to review as well. 

Penfold Card and Gifts

Penfold Card and Gifts gave me these pretty notebooks.  They are a UK based distributor of American stationery products.  I had a really nice chat with the man on their stall and he showed me their catalogue which was full of wonderful things.  If you own a shop and are looking for stock you should definitely pop over and take a look at their site. 

Penfold Card & Gifts notebooks

Waverley Scotland

I met Liz from Waverley on my first day at the show.  She showed me their brand new product, the Tartan Cloth Commonplace Notebook.  This book is available in a selection of different patterns and is made from genuine Scottish tartan cloth.  Liz very kindly let me choose a notebook to review for her and I picked the Caledonia tartan one.  I will be publishing my post during National Stationery Week if you would like to know more about it. 

Waverley Scotland Tartan Cloth Notebook

Dairy Diary

Emily from Dairy Diary gave me two of her 2016 diaries to give away for National Stationery Week.  Both have a recipe printed on each week of the year so they are perfect for any domestic goddess or the next budding Jamie Oliver! 
Dairy Diary and Kitchen & Home Diary

Go Stationery

Peter from Go Stationery gave me this lovely Shimmer Accents polka dot notebook to review, my post about it will be up next week.
Go Stationery Shimmer Accents A5 notebook

I met the team behind the Journals Of A Lifetime books at the show too.  We swapped business cards and Kerri contacted me afterwards to arrange for me to review one of their Dear Mum journals for Mother's Day.  You can read my post here if you missed it.

Dear Mum journal

So that was my two days in stationery heaven, I had a really fantastic time!  I have already got my pass ordered for the next show and I am looking forward to discovering more new products and companies then. 

Have you spotted anything here you like the look of?


  1. I bet you was in heaven with all that stationary!! How lovely of them to give you freebies & products to review xx

    1. It really was so much fun! Yes, I was very lucky to be given so much lovely stationery :D