Saturday, 30 April 2016

Go Stationery - Shimmer Accents notebook review

National Stationery Week seems like the perfect time to review this gorgeous notebook I was given by Peter from Go Stationery!  It is their new A5 Shimmer Accents large polka notebook in cream and I think it is stunning!

I have a thing for gold and polka dots!

I met Peter at the Spring Fair and even though his stand was very, very busy he still spent some time with me talking about National Stationery Week, the London Stationery Show and my blog.  Afterwards he gave me this notebook to review which was lovely of him!

A5 Shimmer Accents notebook

The Shimmer range is available in a wide selection of colours including aqua, blush, copper, pearl, magenta and taupe and cost £9.50 each.  The notebooks are made from high quality, smooth cream paper and contain 192 pages.  The pages have a light dotted line in a pale grey colour which looks very classy.  The style of the lining means you can use the book for writing, diagrams or sketching as the lines are unobtrusive.  

Smooth cream paper lined in grey

The paper is a dream to write on with standard pens!  I also tested it with my fountain pen and while there was no feathering the ink did show through slightly on the other side.  This isn't a negative point though as it is the same with most standard notebooks, I am only mentioning it just in case any avid fountain pen users are reading this.  Ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens all work very well on the paper with no ghosting on the reverse side. 

The paper is lovely to write on

The notebooks come with a bow wrapped around them making them the perfect gift for any stationery addict or notebook fiend!  I, myself, am both!  It also helps them stand out when they are on display, these notebooks were one of the first things I spotted on Go Stationery's stand at the Spring Fair.  They are very eye catching!  

The perfect gift

Go Stationery have recently updated their website with the new 2016/17 ranges so if you fancy treating your self during National Stationery week why not pop over and see if anything takes your fancy?

I will be back tomorrow for the last day of #NatStatWeek, how has it gone by so quickly?

*Disclaimer - I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own.  I was not paid to write this post and I am not affiliated with Go Stationery.


  1. That notebook looks stunning with those gold dots!!xx